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Petzl Release New Competitive Quick Release Harness

Petzl release Petzl Newton Easyfit Harness

Petzl have launched a new fall arrest harness into the NZ market; The Petzl NEWTON EASYFIT Harness.

The new harness provides quick release buckles, an easy fit ergonomic design and at an extremely competitive price when compared to harnesses with similar features.

The NEWTON EASYFIT fall arrest harness is easily donned thanks to its EASYFIT design: a vest ensures the harness keeps its shape and the FAST automatic buckles (sternal and leg loop) allow the harness to be donned with both feet on the ground. It offers ergonomic stowage of MGO connectors and has fall indicators.

Rapid donning thanks to the EASYFIT design:
  • vest ensures the harness keeps its shape
  • FAST automatic buckles (sternal and leg loop) allow the harness to be easily donned with both feet on the ground. These buckles retain their adjustment settings between donnings.
Comfortable throughout the work day:
  • anatomical design is close-fitting, while giving optimal freedom of movement
  • lightweight, breathable construction
Easy to use:
  • shoulder straps equipped with self-locking DoubleBack buckles for quick and easy adjustment
  • stowage system for the MGO connectors on fall arrest lanyards, on each shoulder strap. In case of a fall, this system releases the MGO connectors and allows the absorber to be deployed.
  • fall indicators on the sternal and dorsal attachment points. If a fall indicator is visible after a fall, the harness must be retired.
  • equipment loops and slots for TOOLBAG tool pouch allows easy organization of work tools

 Download the Petzl Newton Easyfit Harness Technical Notice

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KITO Hoists Now available

Kito Hoists now available

Kito hoists have earned a reputation for delivering unmatched value and performance. Kito offers all major hoist lines with a wide capacity range for various applications to provide solutions for all working conditions and a range of hoists are now available from H.E.Canterbury.

LB Hoist

A lightweight hoist that’s anything but a lightweight.

The L5LB forged an entirely new, industry-leading benchmark by being smaller, lighter and stronger than any other lever hoist on the market. Its proven strength and durability stand up in an endless array of gruelling applications, including environments where temperatures drop to a bone-chilling -40 C.

LX Hoist

Small is the new huge.

Don’t be fooled by its award winning pocket-sized design, the LX is no lightweight. Its robust integrated aluminum housing, tip supported hook latches, and heat treated gears and chain make this a small hoist that delivers huge durability and performance. And, with a 1mm lifting accuracy, the LX is capable of positioning your load exactly where you want it. Try it in either configuration: the LX 1/4t weighs in at only 4 lbs, making it the ideal lever hoist for work in tight quarters or elevated locations. Or try the LX 1/2t, which weighs in at only 6 lbs, for even more pulling power.