Multi Oblong Ring – SLR G80 (No Flat)

$45.00$562.50 + G.S.T

  • Grade 80.
  • Factor of Safety 4:1.
  • Used in 3 or 4 leg chain assemblies.
  • Connects to chain using connectors.

These ring are used mainly for the assembly of 3 and 4 legged lifting sets (No Flats)

WLL Table Cell Sets
4.6T S-06 6mm
5.50T S-07 7mm
6.65T S-08 8mm
9.4T S-10 10mm
14.2T S-13 13mm
22.3T S-16 16mm
33.5T S-20 20mm


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All SLR Components comply with the NZ Department of Labour code of practice and LEENZ guidelines and conforms with

Standards EN818.4,  EN1677-1,  AS3776.

Components used clearly show the manufacturer brand, the manufacturers identification batch testing number, the size of the component and the rating of the component.

Additional information

WLL Rating

4.6T, 5.5T, 6.65T, 9.4T, 14.2T, 22.3T, 33.5T

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