Absorbent ANA Fibre Filled Pillows

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These pillows are perfect for taking care of drips (and lining drip trays) or soaking up pooled spills.

  • Suitable for hydrocarbon spills (oil, diesel, petrol, methyls, heavy metals)
  • Suitable for chemical spills and general purpose use
  • Contains natural ANA-Fibre absorbent materials
  • Can be used on water

Key Features:

  • Highly Absorbent – absorbs up to 4 times its dry weight in volume. One kilogram of fibre will absorb 3-5 litres of hydrocarbons. Highly Versatile – absorbs a vast range of pollutants including oils, pesticides, solvents, alcohol, effluents, heavy metals, inks, dyes, algae and a wide range of other chemicals and industrial wastes.
  • Fast Acting – absorption for most hydrocarbons is almost instantaneous on contact. Some chemical spills may take a little longer.
  • 100% Water Resistant – can be used on water and in wet areas.
  • Suppresses Vapours – helps prevent fire and explosions, and reduces risk to personnel from inhalation of toxic fumes.
  • Will Not Leak – the fbre will not leach or discharge the absorbed pollutant making it clean and easy to handle.
  • Environmentally Friendly – as well as being made from a natural, renewable source, ANA-Fibre can be incinerated or disposed of in landfills without damaging the environment. It can even be made into compost! Over time, ANA-Fibre slowly breaks down the absorbed contaminants and gradually releases them harmlessly into the environment. When incinerated, the resulting residue is only 4% of its original volume.*
  • Light Weight – allows the user to carry more product, clean up more spill, and save on transportation and disposal costs.

ANA-Fibre (Activated Natural Absorbent Fibre) products are Help-It’s premium oil and chemical absorbent products.

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Size: 35cm x 20cm
Absorbency: 3.5 litres

Size: 60cm x 40cm
Absorbency: 7 litres


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Small Pillow (35x20cm), Large Pillow (60x40cm)