Concrete Lifting Ring Clutch – SLR G80

$80.10$170.10 + G.S.T

  • Marked with Brand, Working Load Limit, Batch Number.
  • Yellow Powder Coated Protection.
  • Super Cast Alloy Locking Ring.
  • Lifting Ring is Forged Alloy Steel.
  • 100% Magnaflux Crack Tested.
  • Safety Factor 5:1.

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Concrete Lifting Clutch Markings

  • Cast Locking Ring: SLR, CE, A-Z, Rating
  • Forged Ring: SLR, CE, WLL, Factory Batch No.


  • 2.5T Ring Lifting Clutch Minimum Fit: 16mm Connector, 10mm Sling or Safety Hook
  • 5.0T Ring Lifting Clutch Minimum Fit: 22mm Connector, 13mm Sling or Safety Hook
  • Ring Load Pin Dia : 2.5T / 13mm, 5.0T

Please Note

  • The 2.5T Ring Clutch will not fit the 1.3T Reid Eye Anchors
  • The 5.0T Ring Clutches will fit the 7.0T Reid Anchors but MUST NOT be used over 5.0T WLL

Additional information

Product Rating

2.5T WLL, 5.0T WLL