Single Oblong Ring (No Flat) – SLR G80

$10.80$270.90 + G.S.T

  • Grade 80.
  • Factor of Safety 4:1.
  • Used in 1 or 2 leg chain assemblies.
  • Connects to chain using connectors.

Refer to the table below for rating information.

WLL Table Cell 1 Leg 2 Leg
2.7T S-87 6-7-8mm 6mm
3.5T S-108 10mm 7-8mm
5.5T S-1310 13mm 10mm
9.4T S-1613 16mm 13mm
14.2T S-2016 20mm 16mm
22.3T S-2220 22mm 20mm
33.5T S-2622 26mm 22mm

2 leg ratings are based on 90 Degrees.

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Additional information

WLL Rating

1.6, 2.7T, 3.5T, 5.5T, 9.4T, 14.2T, 22.3T, 33.5T


EN818.4, EN1677-1, AS3776

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