WinchLine UHM12 Strand Braid

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Main Features

  • Extreme strength to weight ratio
  • 8 x lighter, 70% stronger and safer than wire
  • High UV and chemical resistance
  • Floats and does not absorb water
  • Low stretch, low creep
  • Virtually no recoil in the unlikely event of failure
  • Will not kink
  • Easy to splice
  • Abrasion resistant coating reduces likelihood of snagging and provides superior winch drum grip
  • Maximum continuous length removes waste factors and enhances hauling/winch lines integrities


  • Strops
  • Winch Lines
  • 4×4 Winch Lines
  • Vehicle rescue/recovery
  • Mining
  • Logging applications
  • Towing Line
  • Pulling/stringing lines
  • High Load purchase systems

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High performance 12 strand braid

Donaghys Winchline® is a high performance 12 strand braid, ideal for use in racing applications. Made from UHMwPE, one of the world’s strongest fibres, with the ultimate strength to weight ratio for high performance applications. Winchline® is 8 times lighter and 70% stronger than Steel Wire rope. Coated with Donaghys Armorcoat, this braid has high abrasion resistance and can be customised with covers and fittings to suit specific applications.


  • Lashing
  • Purchase systems
  • Strops
  • Control lines
  • Tow lines

Additional information

Diameter (mm) / Unspliced Strength (metric tonne)

3MM (MBL 1.4t), 4MM (MBL 2.4t), 5MM (MBL 3.4t), 6MM (MBL 4.8t), 8MM (MBL 7.3t), 10MM (MBL 10.8t), 12MM (MBL 17t), 14MM (MBL 19.9t), 16MM (MBL 26.1t), 18MM (MBL 34.7t), 20MM (MBL 45.3t), 22MM ( MBL 52.2t), 24MM (MBL 61.3t, 26MM (MBL 72.5t), 28MM (MBL 84.4t), 30MM (MBL 91.6t)