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Elephant Electric Hoist – 3 Phase Two Speed

From $2,995.00

Elephant FB Series 3PH, Two Speed

  • Tough, Heavy-Duty Motor
  • Elephant’s unique design for a lower power consumption.
  • Reliable Electro-Magnetic DC Brake
  • Totally Enclosed Steel Plate Construction
  • Durable top and bottom hooks, Bottom hook with bearing smoothly swivels, 360°.
  • Chain Bucket Hard plastic
  • Limit switch Standard feature
  • Manufactured in Japan
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About Elephant Electric Hoists

  • Elephant Lifting Products introduces the world’s highest quality manufactured manual chain hoists, lever hoists, and electric chain hoists that are required in today’s industry.
  • Elephant Chain Block Co. Ltd. is family owned and operated, manufacturing lifting equipment in Japan since 1936.
  • The Elephant hoists are known globally for their superior design, advanced safety features, and constant reliability.
  • The manual chain hoists, lever hoists, and electric chain hoists are furnished with our proprietary load chain. The load chain is manufactured within our factory in Osaka, Japan and adheres to the strict DIN 5684 standards. This special grade 105 heat treated high tensile strength load chain (105 kgf / mm2) exceeds ISO V grade chain.
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