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Uni Vertical Plate Clamp

From $213.00 From $149.10

  • Suitable for vertical lifting and transport of steel plates and structures.
  • The lifting clamps are equipped with a pre-tension mechanisms ensuring the clamp does not slip when lifting force is applied and when load is being lowered.
  • The clamp is locked in closed as well as in open position.
  • Minimum W.L.L. is 10% of maximum W.L.L.
  • Complies with AS4991.2004 standard. Proof tested 2 x W.L.L.

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  • 0.5T Clamp Gap Opening 0 to 15mm – 30mm Eye Dia
  • 1.0T Clamp Gap Opening 0 to 20mm – 48mm Eye Dia
  • 2.0T Clamp Gap Opening 0 to 25mm – 68mm Eye Dia
  • 3.0T Clamp Gap Opening 0 to 30mm – 74mm Eye Dia
  • 5.0T Clamp Gap Opening 0 to 50mm – 80mm Eye Dia
  • 8.0T Clamp Gap Opening 0 to 80mm

Do not Lift plates with coastings or mill scale that prevent the gripping of the surfaces of the clamp from making positive contact with the base metal.

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