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Load Cell – Wireless Dynamometer

From $1,095.00 From $876.00

  • Rugged construction, Aluminum and alloy steel capacities are powder coated.
  • Accuracy: 0.05% for 1-50t, 0.1% for above 50t capacity.
  • Dual direction wireless communication
  • All functions and units are clearly display on the LCD (with backlighting)
  • Digits are 1 inch high for easy distant viewing.
  • Two user programmable Set-Point can be used for safety and warning applications or for limit weighing.
  • The dynamometer is powered by 3 standard “LR6(AA)”size alkaline batteries.
  • All commonly used internationally recognized units are available: kilograms (kg), short Tons(t),pounds(lb), Newton and kilo-newton(kN).
  • Operation through wireless handheld indicator, easier to calibrate (with password)
  • 4 local mechanical keys: ”ON/OFF”,”ZERO”,”PEAK” and ”Unit Change”.
  • Low battery warning.
  • RF wireless handheldindicator is powered by 4 standard “LR6(AA)”size alkaline batteries.

Download the Loadcell-user-manual 




1.Do not make lifts beyond rated load capacity of the dynamometer, shackle.

2.Do not perform overhead weighing. Stay clear when Dynamometeris in operation.

3.Do not perform weighing under strong wind condition which may cause incorrect reading.

4.Do not perform weighing under environment of temperature rapid changes in  which may cause incorrect reading.

5.Do not attempt to open this Dynamometer, no user serviceable parts inside.

6.Do not remove wire rope stopper from hook. For safety reasons, always apply it.

7.Remove all loads from shackle or hook when not in used.

8.Before weighing, check and make sure that all hanging /load-receiving elements / devices arein good condition.

9.Check hook, shackle, safetypins, and latches periodically.Contact your dealer for parts replacement in case defect, deform or wearing is found.

10.Always lift loads vertically.